Monday, September 19, 2011

Run-DMC & Glitter Me Barbie

After not being able to deal with the clutter my necklaces and belts were causing, I decided to buy some cheap hooks and hang them on the back of my door and on the wall behind it. Since our apartment is small, it is nice to have them all in one place in clear view. I was driving myself crazy trying to remove stacks of necklaces or belts to get to the one I needed...usually the one on the bottom!

As I was hanging my necklaces back up, I realized I was calling each one by a name (in my head...not out loud) like roll call. Run-DMC, Rainbow Brite, Glitter Me Barbie, Bad Teacher, Booty Beads, etc. I guess I had started naming them subconsciously. Along with this amusement, I realized many of my necklaces were pendants. Some were on a chain, yarn, and even lace. I thought how neat would it be if I start changing these around as well as buying new materials to hang my pendants on. It would be a jewelry makeover!
Here are Stained Glass, Rainbow Brite, and Run-DMC. Kind of neat...I have had Stained Glass since I was five!

With Love From the West Coast,

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