Thursday, September 1, 2011

Look of the Day: Seeing Stripes

Ok, let's break it down from head to toe. Hair always in a pony lately because it has been hot as cajones! The facial expression, not quite sure what happened there. I have literally 1 minute max to get a shot for my LOTD. My neighbor Lisa just happened to be coming over before we headed out shopping and was able to capture my look. So at least there's a head shot even if I look a little biatchy!!!
Most of the items from this look I've had for a long time so I'll give price estimations as best as I could recall. Silver Aviators in hand (so going a little out of order, but picture them on my face) were $20 from Aldo Shoes.
Vintage silver Chanel button earrings, (BeyondtheRack, $200).

Bright red lipstick is Hot Passion by Cover Girl.
Layered Month and Dates necklaces were purchased at a big discount because of The Today's Show feature "Jill'$ Steals and Deals"; (Leila Jewelry (my kids' birthdays are indicated with swarovski crystals by month and date).
Navy and white racerback silk tank and dark cuffed jean shorts, (Target, $25 each).

Gunmetal braided cuff bracelet(gift) and Pearl and gunmetal gray chain belt(belt circa 1997-glad I held onto that one!) both are from Express.
Mustard silk and tobacco colored leather slingback heels, (Bakers Shoes, $69.99).

With Love from SoCal,



  1. Love the whole outfit, looks adorable on your small frame. Just one question i have for you. Do you have an outfit that you can put together with maybe flat shoes or sneaks? With my 3 kids i myself can not wear heels, i wish i could! I love the belt and shorts together, something i would of never done THANKS!

  2. Thank you! I sure can do that for you. I'll keep that in mind next time it's my turn to do a Look Of The Day! Have a great weekend!


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