Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Survey Says...

Let's face it, time flies by and beauty fades like a flower. The challenge is to find those products that slow down the wilting process, but don't take forever to apply or do. I don't have the luxury of time to have a multi-step morning beauty regimen. I would rather spend time playing with my little ones. So when I saw an email about a product having 5 benefits in one beauty balm, I was intrigued. QVC had an exclusive on an upcoming Smashbox 5-in-1 product. It claimed to prime, perfect, protect, moisturize, and control oil all in one. I apply SPF daily no matter what! In fact, I keep a spare moisturizer with SPF right by the slider to the backyard. You never know if it's going to be an 8am playtime outside. But I was running low on my Kiss My Face. I also just ran out of Dr. Grandel's face cream. Dr. Grandel's doesn't have an SPF in it, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! We'll talk about that later...

So, I decided to try this new BB instead of driving down to San Diego where I purchase my moisturizer. I'll choose something that could be shipped to me over picking it up anytime!
Smashbox 5 in 1 BB

What I liked about Smashbox 5-in-1 BB:
  • texture
  • oil control
  • SPF
  • even look

What I didn't like about Smashbox 5-in-1 BB:
  • didn't serve as a moisturizer
  • medium shade was too dark (odd b/c I tan well and medium is my summer shade in most products)

Overall, I liked the BB and would recommend it. I would just go a shade lighter than you think you are. Know that you still may need to apply a moisturizer if you have a drier to normal complexion. But, if you tend to be more normal to oily, this may be perfect for you!

With Love from SoCal,


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