Thursday, August 18, 2011

Look of the Day...Va-ca-tion

I was going to throw on something nice, but since I've had my swimsuit on all day, I thought I would share it as my look of the day. Vacation has been very relaxing! Sorry if you can't see my bikini in the pic. I wanted to show more of the top, but I didn't realize how high I had the magazine. I didn't want to show the full bikini...too many pasticiotti from Mozzicato DePasquale on Franklin Avenue. You think a swimsuit that costs $150 with minimal back coverage would not make me slip away from the gym, but ah happens.

Here are the essentials for a relaxing day in the sun: Sofia by Vix turquoise leopard bikini, two-sided wrap skirt ($35, Pangaea, San Diego), LBD chalk turquoise and brown earrings ($9.75), purple sunglasses by Guess ($60, Macy's...wish I packed my gold aviators, but I forgot), and gold flip flops ($5, Marshalls). One Sam Adams light in a juice sized glass (the refills make it seem like I am drinking more than I really am) and Special K Cracker Chips that have made their rounds into the family via my Aunt Suzie make for an amazing day.

With Love From the "West" Coast,

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