Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feathers Hair, Ears, Everywhere!

I first noticed a friend and fellow blogger Samantha wearing these long, beautiful feather earrings months ago at her son's birthday party. I thought, "How cool?! I love her free spirit, bohemian style". What better to represent such a style than something that comes from a bird! Then it seemed everywhere I looked I was seeing feathers! I was flipping through Victoria's Secret catalog and saw these unique feathered adorned sandals. Later that week, I received an email from Martine's Skin Care announcing the arrival of their Feather Hair Extensions. Wildfox has many iconic feather clothing items worn by celebs galore. You may not be comfortable sporting those long shoulder length feather earrings or even a plume hair extension. Start small with a feather in your hat, a scarf with feather detailing or a playful romper.

Feather Trend 2011

Wildfox Couture white top, 65 GBP
Sleeveless top, $50
Miss Selfridge top, 26 GBP - All Over Peacock Feather Print Wrap Over Style Bubble..., 20 GBP
Victoria s Secret platform wedge, $89
Feather-Accent Woven Fedora Ecru - One Size, $68
O Neill Girls wide brim hat, $28
Feather shawl, 22 GBP

I am fortunate enough to have talented jewelry designers in my family. I of course had to make sure that Gina was going to make me a pair of those gorgeous feather earrings, but in Mini Me version. I don't think I could pull off ultra long flowy feathers hanging from my ears. Lucky for us, she did! Visit Lotus Blossom Design for more of her unique creations.

Send us a picture of you wearing your plumage and we'll post it on our site!

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