Monday, July 18, 2011

Beauty is Pain

As I sit here with my Sally Hansen cream to help out my mustacular upper lip, my skin is starting to tingle. Sally says 5-7 minutes, but do not exceed 7. Well, Sally does not know how stubborn my hair is. Three minutes remain on the timer I set for 8 minutes. That tingle lets me know the stuff is working, and that I will not see any stragglers left when it is time to wipe and rinse it off. Although the cream is irritating, it does not exactly "hurt." On a scale of 1-10, I would probably give it a 2. Here are my other ratings:

3 For some reason this is more annoying than cream depilatories. It burns more and has a stronger smell.

Brow- 4 This feels weird more than it actually hurts. It takes longer than waxing since it is more precise and often makes eyes water.
Upper lip- 6 Since the upper lip is more sensitive, this area hurts more. On the plus side, it is faster than the brows. I wish this worked for me. The redness left behind makes me look like I have a light pink mustache!

Brow- 5 I put this a little higher than threading because I have been burned in the past. I also get all these little white bumps under my brow bone for a few days.
Bikini/Brazilian- 8 Even with Advil, I still think this hurts. Certain areas hurt more than others. The areas you think would hurt the most actually hurt the least. The results are great, but I leave the salon with a sweaty lower back. "AHHHHH, Kelly Clarkson!"
Upper lip- too scared! I can just imagine myself with a red upper lip for days!

Electrolysis- 9 Maybe I am just a big wuss, but I could not tolerate the noise or the feeling like I was going to jump out of the chair due to some massive shock. I had two sessions before abandoning this. I would rather laser...

Laser- Saving up $$$. Rumor has it all the hair you had removed grows back with hormones changes such as pregnancy. It takes multiple sessions since hair grows in different stages.

Dr. Schrammek Mini Green Peel- 10 Even the name is painful to say! Granted, I had the "mini" peel, so I have no clue what the full $500 (Yes!) would be like. The salon I went to gave me a mini for $180. This was a month before my wedding, and I really wanted my skin to be in good shape. Well, this stuff is intense. I had to make the aesthetician stop before she worked the peel in all the way. It felt like harsh, hot glass on my face. Even worse, you are not supposed to sweat or wash your face for 5 days following the treatment! Your skin peels off similar to post sunburn revealing new skin underneath. Yes, my skin looked shiny, but it also brought many impurities up. This treatment must be for the lady who has lots of $ and downtime. Overall, this hurt my skin and my wallet the most.

With Love From the West Coast,

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