Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fashion Plate

As I am officially one week into my 31st year, I have come to some great realizations over the past week. First off, I can no longer handle "hard" liquor like I used to. I much prefer wine and rarely touch beer. Along with my fashion sense, perhaps my palette is becoming sophisticated as well? I always love when people are surprised when they find out my age. After a few seconds of her squinty eyes and a few looks up and down, one of my students told me I look more like "28" than 31. Although not the age I was hoping for, a compliment none the less. My favorite compliment was overheard by my husband. He overheard friends of my dear friend say, "Wow, she looks good! She is not 31!" This just felt good. Finally, the most ah-ha moment occurred at work. My coworkers had decorated my desk with boas, a fedora, and a display of necklaces on a mannequin jewelry doll/dress frame. They said since I was the "fashion plate" they had to make my desk reflect this. I was 1) really caught of guard and 2) flattered. In the chaos of a school day, I rarely talk to my co-workers about my clothes/shoes. They sometimes ask me about where I bought something, but I did not know they looked at me in this light. A few days ago my co-worker said, "I always like seeing what you wear to work and how you put your outfits together." I thought to myself...what is going on here? Even in those rushed moments when I am hustling to get out of the door, my true fashion spirit shines through or at least glimmers. I thought no one was really paying attention, but I am surely mistaken!

With Love From the West Coast,


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