Thursday, May 19, 2011

Evolution of Style

I love when InStyle Magazine does a review of celebrities personal style over the years. It is always interesting to see how their style evolves. It started me thinking of my past styles, or at times lack of style, the last 10 years. Looking back over some pictures I could not help but chuckle at myself…I realized that when I was younger I did tend to follow the trends and by that I mean; if the outfit was on a mannequin then the whole thing went in my shopping cart. Now, shopping off the mannequin is not a bad thing, that is what they are intended to do. However, I found I was not adding any of “me” to the look so it made it very cookie cutter.

I think I was afraid to take that risk and look “different” or stand out. But the older and more confident I became with my style and body all I want is to be different. Finding a balance is always a challenge. I had to first learn (and accept) the fact that no matter how much I may love a piece of clothing, the reality might be that it was not designed for my body type. I think that is the hardest thing, but once I figured out what works for my height and shape, the rest was a piece of cake. When people ask me to define my style I always want to add a caveat that “my style is subject to change.” When we evolve as people our style evolves; you know our motto here at LBD “step out of your fashion box it’s not that scary.”

Just remember discovering your personal style doesn’t happen overnight, it takes lots of mistakes and successes to get there! Below are a few outfits that I feel represent my current style, and a few that I would like to start incorporating…can you tell which is which?

With Love From the East Coast,

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