Monday, May 9, 2011

Dressed to Impress?

I quickly began to panic after my job interview had been scheduled and I tried on my suits. The first suit I tried on was a pant/jacket set I had bought two years ago. The pants had a weird fit to them and the color seemed all wrong (an odd brown with hints of gray). What is it about dress pants that make them have all those creases in the "seat" area? Whether slightly big, slightly fitted, or just right, all my pants do this odd wrinkle thing. Starting to really panic, I tried on my skirt suit. This was also a disaster! The navy pinstripped (Or is it black...I may never know) skirt is an appropriate length and fit, but combined with the am all set to clock in for my matronly librarian hours! I then realized I had bought this suit in college, and it was time to move on. Off to the mall I went.

My husband (bless him) and I perused The Rack with no luck. My only other opportunity to shop for a suit would be after work the day before the interview. The pressure was on as I hustled to Express after work. I decided to only look at pant suits. For some reason, I think some interviewers find a skirt suit slightly off-putting. The only pant/jacket combos they had were in black and pinstripped gray. Well, since I had learned my lesson on the pitfalls of pants, I decided black pants were the way to go. The dark color would disguise all those creases! I also love how a black suit is powerful, yet classic. Plus, I could roll up the jacket's sleeves and pair it with a dark washed skinny jeans and perhaps a sequin tank. So with suit, jacket, and plenty of camisoles, dressy tanks, and button downs, I headed to the fitting room. I chose the most classic cut pant I could find and was between jacket sizes. I opted for one size larger. Nothing is worse than when you feel like you can't move or reach for things while wearing a jacket or blazer. I feel trapped like Randy (A Christmas Story) in his snowsuit. I moved onto the blouses only to be dismayed. Whether sleeveless or long-sleeved, they were all low cut. Not a single one buttoned all the way to the top. Finally, I found a sleeveless tank with a soft chiffon texture. I chose light pink and off-white. With my black pumps and some understated jewelry, I will be ready to go.

Wish me luck!

With Love From the West Coast,


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