Friday, April 8, 2011

Time to Step into Class

Men’s Fashion Weekend with Mr. Mind Fatigues

Many mistake fashion and class as being two separate entities. Truth of the matter is they are not. Let’s take a moment to evaluate of few class faux pas’.

Word of the Wise for Younger Gentlemen: Guys, please pull your pants up! It is neither fashionable nor classy to purposely wear your pants low. Honestly, I don’t even want to see a baby with a saggy diaper. Not a good look on the parenting and in both cases it looks foolish (and disgusting). Now I understand how trends influence our perception of what looks good, however, if you’re wearing a suit—wear it right.

Word of the Wise for Older Gentlemen: Gentlemen, please pull your pants down! There is nothing “hip” about wearing Capri’s all the time (without even trying)! Act like your belt works like it’s supposed to and wear it around your waist, not over your abdomen or on top of your naval. I hate to say this, but its okay for you to let your pants sag; but only because it’ll fall where it was meant to be—on your waistline.

Since we dress ourselves based on how we feel, I think it’s safe to say that etiquette will become native to us if we assume the role that comes with having class. I would like to see more class in society and I feel that we, young and old men, can accomplish this if we respect what fashion and class represent—self-identity.

Mr. Mind Fatigues

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