Friday, March 25, 2011

Why it’s Good to Play POtaSSiUM!

Men’s Fashion Weekend with Mr. Mind Fatigues

I guess you’re wondering why I chose to play on the last word—right? As important as it is to look great and fashionable on the outside, the same also applies to the inside of your body. With all of the medical procedures and beauty products available, I feel that it doesn’t matter to me how great your outer appearance looks if you’ll only be able to show it off for a moment in life (a half one at that). So when you’re out partying in your trendy outfit and drinking the night away, remember a little thing called high-blood pressure when you do. Yes – every good time should come with safety precautions embedded in your mind (especially if they involve routine).

High-blood pressure is very real. So when you’re out enjoying yourself, whether at a bar eating those tasty hot wings (where you’ll get your high salt intake) while enjoying beer or at a club dropping a week’s pay at the bar—think control. Studies have shown that potassium can help you with controlling high-blood pressure. It is suggested that for every measure of salt you intake you should consume three times that amount in potassium. This balance will be worthwhile. Keep in mind, it’s not important the amount, but rather, the correct sodium/potassium ratio in your diet.

Well, the weekend’s here, and for most, it’s been a long week. So go!—get dapper, go out dancing, have a couple of drinks and reap the joys of good company! Make sure you “Dress to Kill,” this will bring out the good “spirits” before you start your adventure.

Mr. Mind Fatigues

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