Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Love the '80s?

I have really been thinking about the '80s lately. It has been amusing to watch some trends make a comeback. Some have been successful, while others were better the first time around. After Uggs, my second least favorite shoe are Crocs. Many of my students have these slip on type shoes. They make me think of the jelly shoes I used to own. They came in so many colors, and I got a kick out of the mini-heel that I could use as a point for a pirouette. They also came in a variety of styles and were the next best thing to your mom's heels. The only redeeming value of Crocs is that they came out with a line that looks like ballet shoes. These I could wear to run a quick errand or maybe even wear for teaching. Overall, I say the plastic shoe trophy goes to the '80s.

Neon is coming back, and I am liking what I see. There are plenty of bold dresses and new, hot neon bikinis. It seems like designers are choosing either a bold color or a bold pattern. The graphics are just the right touch and won't make your eyes go crazy. I think we have learned our lesson from the cacophony of eye-popping colors from the '80s. I also get a kick out of the new neon, plastic bracelets. Remember our jelly bracelets? I even had some with water and glitter in them! Now jelly bracelets have been upgraded to these kooky shapes. I have seen fruit, sports, animals, etc. You can't tell what you're rocking unless you lay them flat on a table. Interesting...

Lastly, we come to leggings. I had so many pairs of leggings growing up. They were all print: neon green and black stripes, floral design, crazy neon print, etc. Now, the leggings are edgy and much more subdued. Just the other day I was entertaining myself by putting a variety of textured black leggings into my Victoria's Secret shopping cart. I never actually checked out, but my shopping itch was somewhat satisfied. She's got her secrets, and I've got mine!

Are there any trends that you are welcoming back with open arms? Are there some you just wish would disappear forever?

With Love From the '80s,


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