Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashion Hindsight

My last week's post about the '80s making a small, but more subtle comeback, got my fashion gears turning. Have we finally learned from our mistakes, and are we runway walking away from frivolous fads and poor fashion choices? Perhaps we are too stuck in the moment and need a few years to pass to realize our mistakes? Some fads are obvious blunders: bulky shoulder pads, parachute pants, jorts, carpenter pants, overall shorts, overalls, etc. When I think about current fads, I am hard pressed to find anything truly disturbing. Uggs? Harem pants? Low rise jeans? Depending how and when these are worn, they are slightly more tolerable. There are some items in my closet that I have owned for over 10 years, and they are still in fashion. They will be worn out and faded before they go completely out of fashion, if they ever do.

Overall, it seems we are getting smarter about our choices. We have moved away from corduroy jumpers and tights to pencil skirts and textured tights. Blazers with bulky shoulder pads, to boyfriend and sequined blazers. Chunky soled boots and shoes to sexier heels and taller, sleeker boots. This is probably my favorite trend to appear. I used to never ever wear heels with jeans, then all of the sudden it was the thing to do. I wonder what I did all these years without it!

Maybe in years to come we will be dressing like Judy Jetson and look back and think we made funny fashion choices. For now, I think we are doing a pretty good job!

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