Tuesday, January 18, 2011

$aving @ The Dollar Tree

I usually take a trip to The Dollar Tree at least twice at month to purchase school supplies as well as student prizes. I am lucky to live near a good Dollar Tree. I have been to some Dollar Stores, and they are not as neatly organized and well stocked. The other day I did a thorough walk through and thought...hey, I could really save money on my beauty supplies! Granted, there are some products where the generic or knock off will never cut it. For me, this would be my Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion, accompanying glue stick size lip balm, face wash, face lotion, etc. However, there are some things that are such a great steal. The money I save here can go to my other more high-end beauty needs. Here are my top five picks:
  • Elastic hair bands- I am always losing these and can never have enough. The Dollar Tree even has the kind without the gold tinsel stuff laced through!
  • Q-tips and cotton rounds- I have a nice stockpile going, so I will never run out!
  • Hexagon Shaped Nail File- I bought one for myself and one for my mother. Each face of the file does a different job. Rather than switch from file to file, this has it all.
  • Toe separators- Mine are always breaking or don't last too long before one of those little happy faces pops off from the rest.
  • Tweezers- I always keep a pair of "junky" tweezers in my car and in my purse and leave my "good" tweezers at home. You never know when you may spot a stray.

Happy Saving!

With Love From the West Coast,


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