Monday, January 24, 2011

1 Skirt, 3 Looks...

While trying to build your wardrobe on a budget, look for staple pieces that can be worn year round. For example, in this case our staple piece is a black pencil skirt. We created a look for Summer, Spring and Winter. When you are able to save by mix matching your staple items, you can then splurge on other things like shoes!!

elian Beige Cardigan
155 GBP -
Beige cardigan »

Military double cloth skirt
49 GBP -
Army skirts »

Falke Black Cotton Touch Tights
15 GBP -
Falke tights »

Grey Minnie high heel shoes
75 GBP -
Gray pumps »

Straw Tote
$55 -
Straw handbags »


With Love From the East Coast,

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