Thursday, December 2, 2010

Watch out, Jersey Shore!

I am not sure if it is work or the upcoming holidays that have my mind spinning. Lately, these weird and quirky sayings keep popping up in my mind. I wanted to share them with you. Maybe they can become part of your vernacular!

Super M.I.L.K. (Mom I'd like to kiss...)- This is a mom that always looks super classy and elegant no matter what she does. She can make a trip to Target for diapers look glamorous.

GBGBs- This is what happens when you shave and it is cold when you get out of the shower. For me, it's like why did I even bother shaving at all!? The GrowBack GooseBumps strike!

Mustacular- When your upper lip starts to feel like a kiwi. To use it in a sentence: I was so excited to go out dancing, but then I realized how mustacular I was. Did I have time for Sally Hansen?

Cliffhanger Toes- This came up in a previous blog post about buying properly fitting shoes. This is the phenomenon when your toes hang over an open-toe shoe. In a recent commercial, Diddy expresses his disdain for cliffhanger toes.

Goodalooda (oo like moon)- I am not sure where this came from. Too much time around my Italian family? Goodalooda is kind of like bootylicious. After straying from my usual gym routine, I was feeling goodalooda. You could also say, check out that nice goodalooda. It can refer to your booty or your booty/thigh combo piece.

Austin Powered it- This occurs when you mess up a parking job or do a bad turn around like when A. Powers cannot complete a three-point turn in that tiny,tiny hallway. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

Going Rogue- My husband gets all the credit for this one. I have a bunch of grays that gather in one spot above my temple. When I showed him, he called me Rogue from X-Men. Luckily, my stylist prevents me from going totally rogue.

We at LBD would love to hear your funny sayings or be a part of your secret language. Feel free to share with us. We could use a laugh!

With Love From the West Coast,

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