Thursday, December 23, 2010

1944 Called & it has Something to Teach Us

There is truly no place like home! After almost a week of relaxing, eating delicious home cooked meals, and seeing mom, dad, and brother, I feel so blessed. All the presents are wrapped, and I have time to relax and let the stress sail away as I stare at the Christmas tree or go through old family photos. Although I like to see pictures of mom and dad and what my cousins, brother, and I looked like as youngsters, I really like to look at the photos of my grandparents. There is just something so captivating about them. The one that struck me the most was the engagement photo of my grandmother that was published in the local newspaper.

Naturally, the actual newspaper clip was in black and white, but the studio portrait was touched up to add that nice glow to the cheeks, lips, and a hint of color to my grandmother's dress. The hair style is a definite throw back to the time...1944. But the dress, earrings, and brooch just exude this style and class. Even though the portrait was taken 66 years ago, the dress and accessories are not that far off from what we might wear today. I love how the women appeared solo for the engagement pictures. Maybe it was due to the men still being off at war, or maybe having the men appear for the picture sent a scandalous message, maybe it was just the decorum of the time. Whatever it was, I think it sends a powerful message. Here was a young woman's time to shine. I imagine my grandmother must have thought carefully about her dress and accessories. Her hair and make up had to be just perfect for this special studio session. I wonder if her girlfriends or sisters went with her. I also found pictures of them all, and man, what a sassy bunch! In nearly every picture there is some styling that stands out. Whether it be them all walking down the street in dresses or the way their outfits seem synchronized, I just revel in their beauty. One has great shoes, another has an elegant purse, while yet another has a gorgeous hat. To me, this is style elevated to its pinnacle. Where the look really suited the purpose and women really thought about what they looked like before they made a public appearance. There were no bummy pants or long jackets to hide under. The entire look was polished, and these women were ready to shine!

Grandma, even though years have passed, you still are a sassy ass!

With Love From the West Coast,


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