Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Skinny On Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving officially marks the start of the holiday season, we at LBD have some tips to keep you looking sexy in your skinny jeans. We are all for celebrating, don't get us wrong, but the problem with the holidays is that one extra pound notorious for creeping on usually stays on. Here are our favorite tips to enjoy yourself without overdoing it.
  • Don't skip breakfast! I always thought I would save my calories by skimping out on breakfast, but this only makes us overindulge.
  • Drink plenty of water. Coffee, alcohol, and soda dehydrate us and can lead to empty calories.
  • Sit, chat, and relax! There will be plenty of leftovers, so there is no need to rush eating. Take the time to enjoy your meal and the company of those around you. Just as fast as the holidays arrive, they are over with. Like my grandpa reminded us after every Christmas dinner: "Well, another year came and went."
  • Instead of having a huge meal of turkey and all the trimmings and then finding room for dessert, have a small sample of everything you love.
  • Have a larger portion of salad and smaller portions of carbs. Salad is nutritious and can help control your appetite.
  • Avoid the holiday temptations at work. Cookies, candies, pies, oh my! Even though they can seem like a great distraction from work, try to bring your own healthy snacks and go lightly on the goodies.
  • Exercise...do not wait until January 2011 to get your burn on! Try to squeeze in a walk or run when you can. Get off the couch after that filling Turkey Day meal and take a family walk around the block.
  • Last but not least, my favorite tip- DO NOT HOVER! My brother and I love to pick and pick before the main meal... drives my mom crazy. Get your booty out of the kitchen or away from the buffet table.
With Love From the West Coast,

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