Monday, November 1, 2010

Do we make the clothes or do the clothes make us..

On Sunday nights I try to prepare for my week, clothes ironed, lunches ready, dinners planned, and calendar updated. Well, last night I picked out a cute work outfit, my suede skirt, cute tights and a sweater. However this morning I woke up cold, exhausted and running a little behind, so you would think that having an outfit picked out would be great right? Wrong! For some reason I took one look at my outfit hanging up and went straight for the closet and opted for my Victoria Secret boyfriend sweater, my favorite dark jeans both comfortable and warm.

As I try to reflect on why I changed my outfit..lazy? no the original outfit was ready to go. I was kind of stumped. Until I realized it's how the clothes make me feel. I knew my day was going to consist of back to back conference calls and honestly, I wasn't mentally ready for Monday. So I went for my comfort clothes. We here at LBD are always preaching about stepping out of your box, which I am always trying to do. But today I stepped right back in it. I wonder, if I had put my original pre-picked outfit on would I have been a little more productive and mentally ready for this Monday?

This week take a little challenge with us, when you're getting dressed try to be conscience of why you are picking out that outfit. Is it because you like the way it makes you feel or the way you hope it makes you feel? I look forward to hearing your thoughts, I will also share mine with you next Monday.

With Love From the East Coast,

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