Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday's Tip

I love how we can use everyday household products for multiple uses. Thanks to Real Simple Magazine here are a few that I have used over the years...

Pumice Stone as Sweater Depiller:
Restore a favorite, well-worn cardigan to form by lightly running the stone across the surface to lift off any unsightly pills.

Soda Bottle as Boot Supporter:
Insert and empty one-liter plastic bottle into a tall boot to keep it from sagging, creasing, or toppling over. Bonus: Upright boots create space on your closet floor to fill as you please (hmm…more boots?).

Paper Towel Tube as Wrinkle Preventer:
Ward off wrinkles in silk scarves by wrapping them around the tube between wearings

Tea Bag as Drawer Sachet:
Subtly scent a drawer by placing a mint, vanilla, or lavender tea bag in a drawer of delicates.

Candle as Zipper Fixer:
Release a stubborn zipper by lightly rubbing a candle along the teeth on both sides to smooth the way.
We love hearing from you here at LBD. Share with us how you use your everday items for mutiple purposes.
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