Monday, October 4, 2010

Dress For Success

I received a message from a recent college graduate who is now entering the workforce, she writes..

"Dear LBD,

Do you have any suggestions...I am on fixed budget and wanted to know what I should buy to start my workplace wardrobe . My office is business casual, but I notice people wearing anything from dress pants & suit jackets to jeans, sweatshirts and sneakers. I am not sure where I should start.

Yours truly, Ready for the World"

Dear Ready for the World,

First off Congrats on your job!! Second I would start with some basic pieces and like my mother always said dress for success and for the job you want. While being on a budget means counting your pennies, it does not always mean skimping on quality. Having foundation pieces is key. These are pieces that you can mix and match. A few examples are...a nice pair of neutral dress pants (black, gray or brown), a great pair of dark jeans, a go-to skirt, a cardigan, a blazer and a dress shirt to name a few. For the workplace keep these pieces classic, you can always build off of them and add a little flare or personality with accessories. Another key is to make sure your clothes fit appropriately, don't worry about what the label says just make sure things are not too tight for work attire.

In doing a little research for you I asked around on some Don'ts of the workplace from an HR rep, and a Director in a business casual office setting. The top answers were: Don't wear sheer tops or expose your midriff , Don't wear mini anything, and no sweatpants ever!

I hope this answers your question. Gook Luck!

With Love From the East Coast,


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