Thursday, October 21, 2010


As I walked around Stone Brewery fresh off of work, I realized I was not paying attention to our quirky tour guide. I was sick of being in my same work outfit, and my feet were aching. I was missing out on all the fun facts about lagers vs. ales, and more importantly, missing out on a fun "date night" with my husband. Although I looked darling at work, my outfit did not exactly translate into a night of bar flirting, brewery touring, and beer imbibing. Normally, I would just bring a change of clothes, but I did not have the time or energy to create two workable outfits in the rush of the morning.

Halfway through my beer flight, I had an epiphany. If only I could be like my day-to-night Barbie circa 1984. I vividly remember her two-tone pumps and her reversible skirt. She could even ditch her briefcase for a purse and easily go from the office to disco dancing or dining with Ken. Since reversibles are limited to belts, swimwear, and outerwear, I needed a different approach. I started to think about my clothes and how I could pair or wear them to easily pull double-duty. I could wear a cute top and then ditch my blazer or cardigan after work. I could dress more casual and then easily slip into happy hour mode. If I had planned better, the outfit I have on today would have been a perfect fit for yesterday. My black sequin tank and LBD necklace would have been ideal for date night! The sleeves on my cardigan can be worn long or rolled and buttoned up into a half sleeve. I might have brought jeans and tall boots to change into, but at least I wouldn't have to change my entire outfit. Even though I do not have Barbie's wardrobe, there are ways to transform a day look into an evening look.

We at LBD love to hear your tips and secrets. What works best for you when going from a work to an evening look? How do you maintain a fresh and stylish look after the daily grind?

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