Thursday, October 28, 2010

Buyer's Remorse & Shopper's Regret

There are some purchases I regretted by the time I walked out of the store and to my car. I begin to think...Why did I buy that? or I did not really need another black skirt. Sometimes the deal just seems too good to pass up. Since times are tough, I have really been trying to limit my spending. The other day I passed up a great pair of black booties at a steal. Now, I cannot stop thinking about them. Is this some kind of sickness? Since I already have two pairs of black booties, I really thought these were unnecessary. Now that I think about it, or maybe try to rationalize going back to get them, I realize they fill a void in my shoe collection. Unlike the booties I already have, these are closed toe and hit slightly above the ankle. They would look cute with leggings or skinny jeans. So I will leave it to fate (haha). I will return this weekend to see if they are still there. If they are, they are all mine. I also promise to return a shirt I bought that I will not end up wearing nearly as much as the shoes. This is a fair trade, right?

I am not sure which is worse. Regretting a foolish purchase or passing up on a great shopportunity. We at LBD would love to hear your thoughts. Have you ever passed up something too good to be true? Do you have shopping "rules" to help you decide when to buy something?

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