Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's a Man's World Part II

Challenge Recap:
We were wondering: do men view women's fashion like we do? What we view as a classic or even a sexy look, do men f
eel the same way?
We each chose two looks
: office look, workout look, or date night look. Below are the outfits the men felt best represented the look vs. our interpretation of that look.

East Coast:
The two looks I chose were work/office and date night. Once I gave him the mission, he raided my closet. In searching for the loo
k he wanted, he mix-matched som
e outfits that I would not have necessarily paired together. Some I still think he did for a good laugh...but I
did discover a few new looks hiding in my closet. I have to say, I was surprised by his choices. I think I would have switched them around. I felt that my date night look was kind of stuffy, b
ut he felt it wa
s classy and that I would be prepared for anything.
When I asked him where we were going on a date with me dressed li
ke this, his response (while trying to keep a straight face) "Olive Garden."
Overall I did like the two looks he chose, but I guess this man and this woman don't view fashion the same.

Vote for whic
h l
ooks you like!

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