Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hair Experiment Completed

Bad hair day turned to better hair days is completed! I finished my challenge of actually putting some effort into my dos. Overall, the week went well, and some of my co-workers and students noticed my new look. A few times I was asked if I got my hair cut! My female students really enjoyed my wavy hair look. It was a good feeling to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with my long neglected hair.

I did love: Even though my hair did not turn out perfect each time, I was proud of my efforts. It was fun to coordinate my hair with my moods and outfits. Once I had done one look, it was easy to then use that look as a springboard for other looks. With a little modifying or adding a barrette, I could easily turn 1 look into 2 or 3 looks.

I did hate: Waking up earlier to have sufficient time to do my hair. I would panic when I did not get the look right the first time. I also was not too thrilled when I burned my finger trying to curl my hair with my flat iron. My good friend, Sharon, makes it look so easy, but I need more practice.

My biggest challenge: Trying to think of creative ways to style my hair within my capabilities. I did check out some looks online, but they were pretty advanced or too time consuming for the a.m rush. I needed more time for trial and error.

What I discovered: Putting in that extra effort really helped me feel more polished. Doing my hair and thinking of styles was not as difficult as I anticipated.

Confessions: I had a hard time keeping the gold hair band in place. I had to re-adjust throughout the day, and by the late afternoon, I ripped it out! Now that I am experimenting with different hair accessories, I can't wait to buy more!

Did you partake in the challenge? Let us know how it went...we are LBD love hearing from you!

Below are my looks for the week-vote on my best look!

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