Monday, September 6, 2010

Fashion Experiment Accomplished!

Mission Complete! I did it; I wore dresses and skirts for the week. When I came up with this idea, New York was going through a week of fall-like weather. Well, that changed quickly and we had another hot and humid I had to rethink my looks. All the cute fall skirts, dresses, and tights I wanted to wear were put back into the closet, and I had to see what summer outfits I hadn’t packed away. I must admit, I was kind of bummed; I was looking forward to wearing my funky fall tights.

Overall, the week went pretty well. I was blessed to discover how many people read our blog, and were looking forward to see me with a dress on Monday morning. Thanks again to all our loyal readers.

I did love: All the compliments I received from “dressing up,” they were nice to hear. I also loved how this experiment made me realize I was right, I was stuck in my “fashion box” and I do need to step my fashion game up a notch.

I did hate: Having to shave my legs perfectly every morning. With my hectic schedule I tend to be up late at night working, so getting up earlier to make sure my legs are dress ready was my least favorite thing about this experiment.

My biggest challenge: Adjusting to the weather and finding summer skirts and dresses.

What I discovered: Honestly, I am not sure why I took dresses and skirts out of my wardrobe rotation. I discovered that I like dressing up and will be making sure to add dresses and skirts back into my wardrobe line up!

Confessions: I was going through jean withdrawal by the time Thursday came around. While out to lunch with my friends we did some quick shopping and I bought a pair of jeans (they were on sale and it was a deal, I couldn’t pass it up!). Other than in the dressing room, I did not wear a pair of jeans all week (not even during the evenings).

Did you take the challenge? Let us know how it went, we at LBD love hearing from you.

Below are my looks for the week, vote on my best look!

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