Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Fall" in Southern California

Just because the calendar has turned to fall, doesn't mean the weather has. At least not here in Southern California. Thanks to the Santa Ana winds, the summer that never seemed to start is finally delivering us heat and thunderstorms. I did a double take on Monday when the clock/thermometer I drove past on way to my crack den (aka Starbucks) read 109 degrees! I was shocked when I saw people dressed in long pants, shirts, and boots. Herein lies the SoCal dilemma...
Born and raised on the East Coast, I enjoy wearing open toe/peep toe heels as much as possible. Only about 20% of my closet is boots or closed toe shoes. Even though I am ready to wear my new fall tights, skirts, and work pants, it is just too hot out. After living here seven years, I am always amazed by how people can tolerate Uggs, sweatshirts, jackets, long sleeves, etc. in this hot, hot heat. Even though Uggs are very comfortable, they are not for me. I am perplexed how feet don't catch on fire in those things. At risk of offending some of my dear friends, Uggs stands for ugly! Give me ankle booties or tall boots any day. Since I am on a good ranting, I also do not understand how 60 degree weather necessitates gloves, jackets, and beanies. Maybe a cute scarf or light jacket, but not snowball fight attire. These fashion sightings have always confounded me.

Sharon and Laura, I still love you...Uggs and all!

With Love From the West Coast,


  1. so makes me laugh when i see the celebs in LA, in the magazines dressing for winter... then you see everyone else in shorts and a tanks sweating... lol

  2. Haha! I agree. I don't know why I could never get on board with that trend. I think an important rule of thumb is to pick and choose what trend works for you. This season, I'm loving the faux fur and military jackets. But, the flat tie up oxfords is a trend I will not embrace. Don't go for them all! And...know when to hang them up. XO


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