Thursday, August 26, 2010

When and Why Did I Buy That?

Since joining this blog, I have been on a mission to update my look and put the best "me" out there for the world to see! My mission began in my closet. I took a good look at my wardrobe and started to rifle through it. Some clothes ended up in the give-away pile, while others fell neatly into place with their fellow closet coordinates (yep, all clothes are categorized by type and color). This makes it very easy to see where my wardrobe is lacking. For instance, I seem to love wearing black, and my closet could use a healthy dose of color. While cleaning up my closet, I came across several items still donning their tags! Not only were these items bound for Stacy London and Clinton Kelly's trashcan, they were a waste of fashion dollars and sense.

As I looked at each item, I thought about why and when I had purchased them. Was I shopping with a girlfriend and feeling the need to purchase because she was grabbing up so many great finds? Was it a bad day at work? Perhaps I went shopping after happy hour (I have done this and highly advise against it). From this moment on, I pledge to be a savvy shopper and really think about my purchases. I will think whether or not the item really fills a wardrobe need. I will steer away from basic black and add more colors. None of my clothes will remain with tags, but they will live a happy fashionable life.

With love from the West Coast,

We would love to hear about your fashion mishaps (We here at LBD love hearing from you). What is the biggest item you just had to have and then never ended up wearing?

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  1. A pair of leopard pumps I had to have...wore them once, they hurt my feet I should have following your tip about shopping for shoes!!


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