Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flyin' High

Happy Thursday...the weekend is just around the corner! As I prepare for vacation and time off work, I find my apartment in a state of organized chaos. Clothes are laid out in possible outfit combinations and shampoo and lotions are being siphoned into smaller, travel friendly containers. Since I always end up buying new shoes and clothes, I like to save room in my suitcase for new purchases. Usually, my packing dilemma occurs when I try to pack too many shoes. Now, I choose my "must wear" shoes and build my outfits around them. This way I do not overload my suitcase and have room for all my new finds!

Since I usually fly the red eye, here is my must have flight essentials:

  • Warm, fuzzy slipper socks

  • A cute, yet comfortable outfit. I just can't seem to wear sweats on a plane. You never know who you will see!

  • My travel pillow

  • Gossip mags and the book I never seem able to finish

  • Mouthwash, gum, and mint flavored gloss (Victoria's Secret one is my fav.)

  • Scented hand lotion and face lotion (I love Dr. Grandel's Phyto Care)- The airplane really does a number on my skin, and hydration is key!

  • Bottled water...I usually buy the biggest one I can find after I am through security.

  • Evian mister- This mist makes my skin have a dewy glow and refreshes my skin after a frustrating red eye night's sleep.

  • Eye drops

  • Q-tips to touch up eye make-up smudges

  • Eyeliner, mascara, and loose powder

  • Xanax...even though I am tempted to sip on an icy gin & tonic, alcohol's dehydrating effects are multiplied while in flight.

Share with us your best travel and packing tips. We love hearing from you!

With love from the West Coast,


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  1. A must have for me is an assortment of mood filled music! Entertaining my sensual pleasures through melodic rhythms always does the trick in making time fly by.


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