Monday, July 19, 2010

Kissable Lips

As you know I am always on the lookout for great ideas on a budget. I came across this article on BEAUTY COMMANDMENTS: PRETTY LIPS BY Genevieve Cruz, and wanted to share what I found....

I did try the, "Thou Shalt Pause for Tea Time" and I have to say my lips did feel softer. I am anxious to try the "Thou shalt make they own lip plumper." Has anyone tried this one before? Or have any tricks they would like to share?

"Thou shalt make thy own lip plumper. Instead of doling out cash on these expensive plumpers, create your own by adding a few drops of cinnamon leaf essential oil to Vaseline or your favorite lip balm. It works just as well--if not better than all those products on the shelf!" --Wendy Gould (Indianapolis, IN)

You could also try these inexpensive lip plumpers:

Thou shalt skip the mint lip balm.While yes it's a great way to freshen your pucker in between those steamy make out sessions, mint or mentholated balms can actually dry out the sensitive tissue of the lips. Apply a balm that's still yummy, but flavored with something more nourishing such as coconut oil,olive oil or cocoa butter." --Elaine Kenney (Charleston, SC) Have you tried any of these for your lips?

Thou shalt pause for tea time. Lips benefit from regular black teacompresses. Simply take a warm, saturated black tea bag and press against make up-free lips for 5 minutes. The concentration of tannic acid boosts the natural moisturizer in the lips. Black tea compresses also help quickly heal cold sores that have formed near the lips. In addition to sharing a cup of tea with your lips, use Juara Sweet Black Tea Lip Treatment which is infused with vitamins A, D and E to fill in cracks and soothe tender lips." --Sylvie Branch (Cleveland, OH) Soothe and soften lips with these products infused with tea:

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